• Nadine-1-3076
    Nadine Mitchell

    Nadine, co-owner of Metamorphosis, opened the shop for business in 1998 and has been tattooing since 1994. Her portfolio displays the diversity of her talent: the subtle shading of black grey work, lush

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  • Ivy-3-03-2017

    Ivy explores her artistic visions with the use of natural materials – painting on Brazilian Agate, marble, granite, wood, bone and most recently, inking the human canvas – each piece original, one of a kind.

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  • Katie-1-070

    I have always been an artist and have explored many mediums along the way. I have finally found my true passion and most favourite artistic medium in tattooing.

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  • E

    I owe a lot of my interest in art thanks to graphic novels, comics, cartoons/anime, and video games alike! They all played parts in sparking my passion for the world of art and drawing when I was very young. As far as my art history goes, I drew whenever I could!

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  • interwebbernetzselfie4

    I enjoy long walks on the beach, insensitive humour and stabbing people… I mean tattooing people… I’m lucky enough to have the best job in the world where I get to put my art on people forever, while making a lasting impression

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  • RayH

    I’m Ray and I love sunshine in the face, death metal and poking pictures into people’s skin.
    I’ve been crazy about art ever since I saw what H.R. Giger did in Alien way back when I was a kid.

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