Tattoo Aftercare

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PHOTO ID REQUIRED: We need photo ID every visit from adults being pierced or tattooed – this includes touch ups. You must be 18+ to get a tattoo.
We need photo ID for minors being pierced – something with a picture and their name. We need a parent to be present and the parent must have photo ID and MB Health card with both the child and their name on the same card.
We will not tattoo or pierce women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
We will pierce children’s ears when they are able to ask for it on their own, usually around 4 or 5 years of age.

REMOVE BANDAGE IN 7-8 HOURS.(No more than 24 hours). Bandage allows healing process to begin without infection from bacteria in air or clothing. Wash tattoo immediately after removing your bandage.

WASH THOROUGHLY WITH WARM SOAPY WATER. Using a mild soap, use fingertips to carefully remove all blood build-up. Pat dry with a clean towel, and then allow your tattoo to air-dry completely. Do this twice per day for 7 -10 days. Never immerse in water.

APPLY A THIN LAYER OF CREAM 2 TIMES A DAY (For 7-10 days). Once the tattoo becomes flaky a trace of unscented lotion may be applied. Excessive amounts will smother the tattoo and may lead to fading, weeping and possibly, an infection. Wash the area and allow your tattoo to air-dry before each application.

DO NOT PICK OR TOUCH THE TATTOO. Touching the fresh tattoo with unclean hands could easily lead to an infection. The tattoo will peel in 4-6 days. Minor scabbing may occur. Do not pick or scratch, let the skin fall off naturally.

AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Exposure will break down the pigment in your skin, and fade your tattoo. After a few weeks, sunblock should be applied to your tattoo 1/2 hour before exposure to sunlight. (We recommend “Ombrelle 60 SPF”)

PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT. One week of proper aftercare will determine the result of your tattoo for the rest of your life.

*If your tattoo requires touch-ups, please call to book an appointment for 6 to 8 weeks after your healing period. If you are not sure if your tattoo needs touch-ups, drop in. There is no charge for touch-ups if the appointment is booked before the tattoo is 8 weeks old (note: this service is not applicable if tattoo is tanned).