Artist Bio

With interest in body modification at a young age and a constant appreciation for the arts, it’s no wonder life’s path has brought me here.

I spent 2014-2015 with a new interest in waist training. After purchasing 2 cotton steel boned corsets I took the time to properly season them and started daily wear- up to 10 hours/day in corsets. Time, patience, and body awareness took me from a 30″ waist to a natural 26″ and corseted 24″ waist. It wasn’t something I wanted to do long term, but it was a experiment with my body that I had to try.
It wasn’t a straight path to this industry, however, the stepping stones were laid with my long history in the equine community and industry. During this time in my life I learned to have perseverance, patience and consideration of peoples’ progress and needs. Working as an Internationally Certified Coach, I spent 6 years rehabilitating horses and noted that their owners were also helped in the process as many women getting back into the sport later in life come with a lot of fears and obstacles to overcome.

Parallels run between my old profession and my new one. They both require emotional, physical and mental growth. I feel blessed and happy to help others and be part of their journey.