Artist Bio

Peetch has always loved body modifications and has had numerous personal experiences with mods. Working in offices her whole life forced a “professional” appearance. She found herself antsy looking at cubicle walls all day. It left her feeling unlike herself and drained of energy.

One afternoon she was sitting in a chair at Metamorphosis, husband at her side. He asked her why she didn’t pierce for a living. A light turned on. After much deliberation, she decided against massage therapy for an education and applied at Metamorphosis. The name of the company struck a chord within her. Looking back on her life she realized that whenever she needed a new beginning, she would change something about her appearance. It was therapeutic.

Peetch’s passion is to help other people within a transition stage in their lives. She aims to make the process easier with laughter and gentle guidance, helping them with their own personal Metamorphosis.