Artist Bio

I felt called to work in the field of body modification because I love the history surrounding this particular art practice, and I love the fact that I will be making a difference in people’s lives while working in a field that I’m passionate about. 

I believe that one of the best things in the world is helping people and making them happy by using the unique gifts each one of us has been given.
I have been interested in the world of body modification for as long as I can remember. 

At around age fifteen, I began to take an interest in piercing. My aunt taught me how to pierce ears at her salon and I began to pierce my own ears, as well as my friends’ ears. The first piercing I received at Metamorphosis was on my sixteenth birthday, when my dad brought me to get my nose pierced. I was very impressed by the selection of jewelry, the professionalism,  the equipment used, and the ease of the procedure. I instantly became seriously interested in being a body piercer at Metamorphosis.

I believe feeling good about oneself on the inside and the outside is crucial to having a fulfilling life. Throughout my childhood I was inspired by my aunt, who is a hairstylist. After graduating high school, I completed the hair program at Louis Riel Arts and Technology Centre. I worked in the hair industry for a few years before deciding to focus on barbering, which I am still currently enjoying. Shortly after graduating hair school, I broke into the body modification industry and learned the technique and philosophy of body piercing under the instruction of Dianne Matt at Metamorphosis. During this this time, I developed a much bigger appreciation for the art.

In both of my careers, I play a part in helping a client change their level of confidence and outlook on life. I want to give people the same feeling and experience that I had when I got my first tattoo and my first piercing at Metamorphosis. There are so many options today with body jewelry that we can perform almost any piercing the client wishes to have done. I love watching them pick their jewelry and get so excited about their piercing. I love watching them leave with a smile on their face, despite the slight discomfort they might be experiencing. Some clients may get the piercing just because they like the way it looks, and others may be getting the piercing for a deeper, spiritual meaning. I want to be able to do everything in my power to make sure that our clients leave feeling valued, respected, safe, and satisfied with their experience here at our shop.