Artist Bio

Dianne’s unique journey into body piercing essentially started in 1972. In the early years of her nursing career she performed ear piercings using single-use hypodermic needles and gold sleepers.

Dianne is a person of integrity. A nursing career of 34 years has deeply ingrained in her the principles of clean technique, sterilization and anatomy.

Transitioning from nursing into body piercing, Dianne chose to experience a broad scope of education. Initially, she was trained by her daughter, Nadine Mitchell (body piercer/ tattoo artist). She was instructed in surface and male genital piercings by Tom Brazda of Stainless Studios in Toronto, ON.

After two years’ experience, Dianne attended the Fakir Basic Body Piercing Course in San Francisco, CA to prepare her for the Advanced Level, which she completed in 2001. It was there that she began to investigate the metaphysical aspects of body piercing.

Fakir’s information regarding anatomy, placement and technique was complemented by the teachings of the sacredness of piercings. People collect piercings as a form of self expression, to mark an important time or event in their life, or to express sexuality. At every level there is a Metamorphosis to be celebrated! Dianne is eager to help create an experience that will reflect her clients’ needs.

Once or twice a year Metamorphosis arranges a Ritual Piercing Ceremony that facilitates a tribal experience for clients and their friends. Drumming, toning, and intention setting raises the energy of the group as everyone supports the participants who are being pierced.

Dianne’s broad knowledge base has been passed on to all of our expert body piercers. Precision piercing, knowledge of anatomy, and sterilization has been very capably taught, and an amazing atmosphere of confidence, care and expression has been created.