Nadine Mitchell

Tattoo Portfolio

Artist Bio

Nadine Mitchell, co-owner of Metamorphosis, opened the shop for business in 1998 and has been tattooing since 1994. Her portfolio displays the diversity of her talent: the subtle shading of black grey work, lush colour pieces, graffiti style, tribal, celtic, precise lettering, human animal portraiture and dazzling cover-ups (black is definitely not your only option). Nadine creates custom pieces that are unique to the individual, and can reproduce (ie. from portraits) with stellar efficiency and beauty.

Metamorphosis, as a business name, came about when searching for a word I could readily connect with for a graffiti-style leg band. The word allows for an openness. To me, Metamorphosis is a perfect description of the transformation involved in derma graphics. A great range of change takes place when one decides to commit to an image for life. I believe images one commits to greatly reflect who they are. I really enjoy witnessing this process in my clients (through my own perception, of course) and I learn a great deal about the beauty of human beings. This helps me recognize this beauty in myself.

My involvement in the tattoo industry has been filled with synchronicity. There was this beautiful, natural flow that led me to work with many fantastic, inspiring artists (tattoo and otherwise). The atmosphere of our shop really excites me. There is an incredible, enthusiastic, caring energy within our group.

The energy involved in performing piercings and applying tattoos is generally extreme and intense. Emotions, endorphins and adrenaline are high during these procedures, and I’m always impressed with the level of integrity, assuredness and confidence in which the team at Metamorphosis responds to this energy. I’ll take this opportunity to appreciate the amazing, professional team I work with for more than just their incredible talents – but for all the joy, laughter, love and support we share.