Artist Bio

I owe a lot of my interest in art thanks to graphic novels, comics, cartoons/anime, and video games alike! They all played parts in sparking my passion for the world of art and drawing when I was very young.
As far as my art history goes, I drew whenever I could! I took art classes growing up, majored in art in high school and briefly attended RRC’s graphic design course.

After realizing that was not the right path for me, I found myself lucky enough to begin apprenticing in an industry I’ve come to love and respect greatly – Tattooing!

I like to think I am well rounded in different styles of tattoos(and always love to hear anyone’s ideas!) but I love taking on work involving realistic floral pieces, watercolor/sketchy styles, abstract, and trash polka.
It means a lot to come up with a great tattoo unique to the client who will be wearing it.

I feel very blessed to be a part of this amazing shop and can’t wait for what will come my way being here!